Want to make your dog's day?

Picture this... you have just gotten home from a long day at work and your gorgeous dog is waiting for you at the front door, tail a-wagging. Imagine the excitement that could be had if you were also walking in with a Golden Swag limited edition dog gift box, just for them!

Every one of our boxes are jam packed with value, love and care, containing a rad selection of treats, toys, occasional hygiene products and accessories plus vouchers & samples from our most favourite dog loving business' that have been thoughtfully paw-selected and approved by our Golden Retrievers, Malley & Moose, the Chief Product Testers here at Golden Swag HQ.

We guarantee that your Dawg will be living and breathing the next move of the box. We'll go ahead an apologise in advance for your dawgs constant begging for more!

Try a box today and spoil your best friend - you won't be disappointed!

Why grab a Golden Swag gift box?

It Saves You Time

Life changes so fast and we understand that finding enough time to go out and search for 100% natural & organic treats and products for your dogs can be nearly impossible, especially when there are so many brands that claim to be healthy, and they simply are not. It can be confusing to know what is good or bad but no fear... we are here to save you time and frustration. Our dog-sperts will do their utmost to find healthy, natural and premium products all over Australia, New Zealand and the world. Say goodbye to your headaches and hello to more quality time with your dog!

It Keeps Your Dog Healthy

The health of your dog is so much more than what food you feed them. Keeping your dog happy and entertained is extremely important, and Golden Swag is the perfect box of goodies to help with this! We have completed extensive research as to what really floats your dog's boat and we are super confident our box is something your dog will bark for! Our Swag Boxes only ever include natural and high quality treats made in Australia and New Zealand and the toys chosen to feature inside our boxes are premium dog products from dog-loving brands around the world that are safe for your best friend.

It Saves You Money

Having a Swag Box arrive at your door will save you money! We pack and deliver a complete box of high-quality dog products for your dog at the most reasonable price you can get. Golden Swag boxes all include flat rate shipping of $9.95 Australia Wide shipping to you, saving you money - more depending on where you live in Australia. It also will save you on driving to and from shops to fulfil your best friends needs when it comes to spoiling your best mate.


I bought a Golden Swag Box for my two girl Border Collies, Chino & Martha, and I was extremely happy with it. It was chock full of fantastic high quality goodies for my dogs. They absolutely loved everything! You can tell a lot of thought and care was put into choosing what went into this box. The girls behind Golden Swag are pure delight to deal with and very helpful too. I highly recommend this subscription box, it is one of the best around!

Fiona. C

Theo adores his new toys, of course loves the treats (he’s a golden, after all) and I love how special you make everything feel! Theo has food allergies so we got a special substitute treat with a note saying “especially for you, Theo x”.  We love you!

Eliza. M

Absolutely love these guys and the monthly subscription boxes our Little Angus can’t get enough of the goodies that they jam pack in there!! Best value for money and high quality.

Nadine. P

Golden Swag’s box felt like it had been packed by somebody who not only really loves dogs, but really loves my dog. I felt as though I was opening up a care package sent by a friend – one who was as excited about their pet as I am, had stumbled across various items they felt they just had to share, and then tried to cram as many gifts and deals as possible into one delivery.

The treats are good standards that any dog would enjoy, the toys are bright and fun, and the accessories are interesting. This box just felt warm and filled with personality and care.

Lifehacker Australia

We received our first Golden Swag box and oh my... we love it! Bwana, loved the box itself to start with! Once it was opened he went straight to one of the toys while I was amazed by the level of attention to detail and care. After inspecting the treats I was happy to see they were all made from natural ingredients with no nasties. You know the feeling you get when your online shopping arrives? The doggies can have it too with Golden Swag! I am sure after a while the moment they spot the black box they will know it's a cue that something amazing it's about to happen!

Fernanda. H