Our Story

Being a lover of subscription boxes and self-confessed dog toy junkies, my partner in crime Malley and I started designing & making our own subscription boxes for fun, when we couldn't find anything but boxes filled with cheap toys & non-organic treats.

Like you, I enjoy spoiling my Goldens with engaging toys, tasty, natural treats, cute accessories and freedom runs on the beach. Although I cannot take every dog to the beach, I have designed Golden Swag to help make all Aussie dogs happy and healthy and feel like a million freedom runs all in one box!

A lightbulb lit up above our heads & BOOM, Golden Swag was born!

After five years of dreaming that one day we could share our love all over the world, Golden Swag made its entry into the world in February 2017. Moose has since joined the tribe as a Chief Treat Tester, a job he does diligently.

I have been incredibly lucky to be part of an online Golden Retriever community and am very close with Malley’s breeder, Carrie Fry, thus meaning Golden Swag has been able to network with a broad range of people who all adore Goldens and know what’s tail wagging worthy for their dawg.

Come 2018, we have changed things up a bit and instead of monthly subscriptions, we offer limited edition gift boxes covering all seasons of the year, special themed events and holidays, Birthdays and welcome home Gotcha Day, Puppy and “Sorry You Got Done” Get Well Soon boxes.

Golden Swag is Australia’s only dog gift box company specifically curating amazing gift boxes for every season & event of the year and we aim to grow to be Australia’s favourite dog gift box whilst also giving back to the dog-loving community by supporting related small businesses and rescue organisations. 

One of the biggest reasons why we love what we do is seeing so many pups literally smiling from ear to ear while they chew, play and bark all over our box of Swag. We truly get enjoyment sharing all that Malley & Moose love. 

Malley & Moose paw-pick everything that goes into every box, and that is how we guarantee all dawgs will love a Golden Swag box. 

We have made so many new friends on this journey so far and we cannot be more excited about our future! Without your love and support we wouldn't be able to continue to do what we do, so thank you.



The Golden Swag Box started as a way to send you awesome products from fantastic companies that share the same values as we do.

It Saves You Time

Life changes so fast and we understand that finding enough time to go out and search for 100% natural & organic treats and products for your dogs can be nearly impossible, especially when there are so many brands that claim to be healthy, and they simply are not. It can be confusing to know what is good or bad but no fear... we are here to save you time and frustration. Our dog-sperts will do their utmost to find healthy, natural and premium products all over Australia, New Zealand and the world. Say goodbye to your headaches and hello to more quality time with your dog!

It Keeps Your Dog Healthy

The health of your dog is so much more than what food you feed them. Keeping your dog happy and entertained is extremely important, and Golden Swag is the perfect box of goodies to help with this! We have completed extensive research as to what really floats your dog's boat and we are super confident our box is something your dog will bark for! Our Swag Boxes only ever include natural and high quality treats made in Australia and New Zealand and the toys chosen to feature inside our boxes are premium dog products from dog-loving brands around the world that are safe for your best friend.

It Saves You Money

Having a Swag Box arrive at your door will save you money! We pack and deliver a complete box of high-quality dog products for your dog at the most reasonable price you can get. Golden Swag boxes all include flat rate shipping of $9.95 Australia Wide shipping to you, saving you money - more depending on where you live in Australia. It also will save you on driving to and from shops to fulfil your best friends needs when it comes to spoiling your best mate.

Working with other dog lovers

We are extremely lucky to work with two amazingly talented photographers, Samantha and Laura. Without their help, our website would look pretty bland! Please check out their websites here:




Love and Puppy Kisses, Malley & Moose xo